Inquiry Form

1. Application and eligibility

I am considering applying for a private scholarship foundation. If selected, can I continue to receive research funding of this project?
It is possible if that foundation does not prohibit dual funding. For example, JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists prohibits you from being paid concurrently with other grants, so if you are selected, your support of this project will be terminated.
I am currently receiving a financial support from a private scholarship foundation. Am I eligible to apply?
Basically, this project does not restrict you from receiving other scholarships, etc., so it depends on whether the scholarship you are receiving allows you to receive both scholarships. If the private scholarship you are receiving restricts other scholarships, you are not eligible to apply for this project. If the private scholarship you are receiving does not restrict other scholarships, you are eligible to apply for this project, and if selected, you can receive both scholarships. Some scholarships may reduce the award depending on the amount awarded by this project, so please be sure to confirm the details with the foundation.
I have received permission from my company to enroll in a doctoral program while receiving a salary. Am I eligible to apply?
Those who are recognized as earning stable income such as salaries and executive compensation exceeding 2.4 million yen per year as living expenses from the university or company to which they belong are not eligible to apply. If you have difficulty in judging the situation, please contact us before applying.
I am applying to a private scholarship foundation through an on-campus recommendation. Am I eligible to apply?

If that foundation does not allow you to receive other scholarships, you are not eligible to apply for this project. If that foundation does not restrict you, you can receive from this project and that foundation. As some foundations may reduce their scholarship amount depending on the amount of this project, please be sure to confirm with them.

I am registered with Tokyo Tech Academy. Am I eligible to apply?

This project is designed in collaboration with Tokyo Tech Academies (TAC-MI, SSS, ISE, and ToTAL), which provide career development contents. Students registered with these educational institutions are also encouraged to apply. However, please check with the administrative staff of each educational institute for the specific financial support system, as it differs from institute to institute.

I have been offered the Tokyo Tech Tsubame Scholarship for Doctoral Students. If I am selected for this project, do I need to go through a separate procedure to withdraw from the Tsubame Scholarship?

Separate procedures are required. You have to contact the department in charge of the Tsubame Scholarship yourself. (The person in charge of the Tsubame Scholarship may contact you in advance.)

Can I still receive tuition exemption if I am selected for this project?

We cannot determine it, as it is related not only to income but also to other factors such as family situation and number of family members. For details, please contact the department in charge of tuition exemption.

Can I continue to work part-time after being selected?

Part-time jobs, RA/TA compensation, paid internships, etc. are not considered stable income and are not subject to the 2.4-million-yen annual income limit. Even in such cases, paid work that interferes with research, career development, or nurturing content initiatives is not acceptable.

If I extend the completion date of my doctoral program, will this support also be extended?

The support period is up to 3 years from the month of enrollment in (entrance to or advancement from the master’s program to) Tokyo Tech’s doctoral program (from October for students enrolled in September). Even if you are selected in the middle of your doctoral program, the period will be 3 years from the time of admission. Their support period may end up being shorter than the standard duration of doctoral studies. For leave of absence and graduation extension due to life events such as childbirth, childcare, etc., the support may be continued or extended. Please consult us individually.

There is a possibility that I may change my original research plan after it has been selected. Can I make changes as long as I do not change the most general framework of the research plan?

You may change your research plan as long as the fundamental plan remains unchanged. In the research report to be submitted once a year, there is a space to describe your plan for the next year, so please fill in your revised plan there. If your affiliation or academic supervisor changes and the research plan will be drastically revised, submit the request for modification of research plan.

I am an international student studying Japanese. May I prepare an application for this project in English?

We accept applications in both Japanese and English.


2. Research funds etc.

Software subscriptions can only be purchased in one-year increments. Can I purchase across the next fiscal year?
Expenses for software licenses, subscriptions for e-books, and other items with specified contract periods can be paid in full from the current fiscal year’s budget, even for a period spanning multiple years, provided you meet all the requirements. Please refer to the guideline for details.
Can research funds be combined with other budgets?
The funds can be combined within the project budget (research funds and Off-Campus Study Plus, research funds and Next Generation Plus) or with other budgets such as Institutional operating expense fund. However, there are some caveats, so please check the guideline carefully.
Can I purchase a laptop to use with my research funds and take it out of Tokyo Tech?
Ownership of the computer belongs to Tokyo Tech and the computer must be located at Tokyo Tech. You may take the computer home temporarily with your academic supervisor’s permission, but please do not set it up at home permanently. Please return the computer to your academic supervisor at the end of the support period.
The guideline states that in principle, the expenses will be executed in accordance with the breakdown at the time of application, but if the breakdown is to be changed, do I need to submit a statement of reasons?
As for the research funds allocated to every recipient you may use them for any purpose as long as they are necessary for the promotion of your own research. Concerning Next Generation Plus, when budget spending deviates from the initial plan due to unforeseeable/unavoidable impediments to the intended research, unused expenses can be used for other items as long as they are relevant to the objectives stated in the application for the Next Generation Plus. In addition, you may be asked to return the grant if JST’s inspection determines that it is not consistent with the plan and is not appropriate.
Can I combine the research funds with Off-Campus Study Plus or Next Generation Plus for expenses shortage?
If the budgets related to Next Generation Plus and Off-Campus Study Plus are insufficient, the shortage can be covered by research funds.
Are research incentives considered salaried income?

Under the tax law, it is miscellaneous income. Since it is not salary, tax certificate slips and the like cannot be issued but a certificate of receipt can be issued.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the research incentives (equivalent to living expenses)?

The research incentives will be directly transferred from Tokyo Tech to the account designated by the recipients. There are no restrictions on the use of it, and you are free to use it as you wish. You do not need to return unused incentives and there is no need to report the specific use of it.

When will the research incentives (equivalent to living expenses) be transferred?

The payment is made on the 21st of each month. If the fixed payment date falls on a holiday (Sunday, Saturday, or a holiday stipulated in 日曜日、土曜日又は国民の祝日に関する法律(昭和23年法律第178号)), the payment will be made on the day before the holiday. In the case of newly selected applicants, in principle, the payment will start on the 21st of the month following the date of selection. If necessary, the payment may be made retroactive to the first month.

Are there any precautions that should be taken regarding the use of budgets?

In carrying out this project, you must make every effort to use expenses efficiently, fairly, and to achieve the maximum effect with the minimum cost, taking into consideration the fact that the project is funded by the public’s taxes. Please be sure to read the guideline for precautions regarding the use of research funds.

How should I use and manage my research funds?

Each fiscal year, a budget code will be prepared for the research expenses of this project with your academic supervisor as the administrative budget manager. An execution limit will be set according to the dividend amount, and the funds can be used up to that amount. The selected applicants will not be able to operate the Purchase Request System. They are required to keep an expenditure book to manage their budget.

When entering the Purchase Request System, which expense category should I select?

The expense category is “Expenses for education.”

When can I start using my research funds?

For new recipients, research funds can be executed from the date of selection. In the case of continuing recipients, the research funds can be executed on or after April 1.

Placing order and receipt inspection must be completed by January 31, but is it possible to pay for goods after February 1?

The unused amount of this project budget must be reported to JST by March 10. Please complete all the payment procedures by January 31 to determine that amount.

I requested a quotation from a vendor to fill out an application prior to selection. Since it is still within the validity period, can I place an order using the quotation of that time?

No problem as long as the quotation is valid. If you have any questions, please check with the Contracts division.

Do I need to file a special application if the items purchased are 500,000 yen or more?

When acquiring goods of 500,000 yen or more, you must report to JST. Please submit a quotation, delivery note, and invoice to us. In particular, if you wish to purchase goods worth 500,000 yen or more in combination with other competitive research funds, etc., you must obtain permission from JST in advance. Please be sure to contact us before making the purchase.

If my selection is cancelled, do I need to return the research funds or research incentives that I have already received?

It depends on situation. In case of non-fulfillment of obligations, improper reasons, etc., we may ask for a refund.

Can I make advance payments for the purchase of goods? If so, is there a limit on the amount?

Replacement payment is allowed only when the amount is less than 1,000,000 yen and when it is deemed necessary and unavoidable to make the replacement payment because it would significantly impede the implementation of the research if it were not made. For details, please refer to the Replacement Payment Criteria.

If I belong to both the Tokyo Tech Academy (TAC-MI, SSS, ISE and ToTAL) and this project, will my research incentives or research funds be reduced?

The research funds and research incentives of this project will not be reduced. However, there is a possibility that the grant may be reduced at the Tokyo Tech Academy (TAC-MI, SSS, ISE and ToTAL), so please check with the office of the academy you are registered.

Do the research incentives for this project conflict with the RA’s time limit (20 hours per week)?

Since the research incentives are paid as an amount equivalent to living expenses and are different from RA expenses paid in exchange for labor, there is no problem.

If I start a research project on a different theme from the one stated in my application, can I use my research funds for that research?

Since you have been reviewed according to your research plan and have been selected as a recipient, you should basically proceed with your research on the theme written in your application. However, you may take a broad view of the theme. If your affiliation or academic supervisor changes and the research plan will be drastically revised, submit the request for modification of research plan.

The research themes of the doctoral program and the master’s program are different. Are the expenditures for the presentation of research on the theme of the master’s course considered “travel expenses with unclear relationship to the grant project”?

Expenditures can be made if they are in line with the research and study plans in the application.

If, in the course of conducting research, research funds are needed for uses that were not foreseen at the time the application was prepared, how flexible is the research funds and the Next Generation Plus in terms of use?

In principle, the Next Generation Plus should be used in accordance with the application form. Please consult us in advance if you change the initial plan due to unavoidable/unforeseen circumstances. You may use the research funds according to your own research. If the budget related to Next Generation Plus is insufficient, the shortage can be covered by the research funds.

I will personally purchase a voluntary insurance policy to cover disasters, injuries, etc. during our joint research. Can I use my research budget to pay for the insurance?

Premiums for personal voluntary insurance cannot be paid from this budget. However, if joint research is conducted with an outside researcher, and the insurance is required by regulations of the partner institution for the joint research, it may be paid for as a necessary expense for the research.

Can I use the research funds to purchase equipment to be used by a joint research group?

From the viewpoint of effective use, it is possible under suitable conditions. Prerequisites: The research facilities and equipment must be essential to the recipient’s research and must be available for a sufficient amount of time to achieve the purpose of the research. Requirements for shared use: The equipment must be used for other research, etc., to the extent that it does not interfere with the implementation of the recipient’s research, and the burden of expenses in case of damage, etc., must be clarified.

Can I use my research funds to pay for the English editing of my paper?

Its expenditure can be made under the “Other” of the type of expense.

Can I spend patent expenses?

The cost of consulting with a patent attorney for the application, registration, maintenance, preservation, and filing of a new patent (new right) based on the results of research and development during this period cannot be paid from the budget of this project.

Is it possible to take goods purchased with research funds to an outside institution after graduation through the transfer process?

Goods purchased with research funds belong to Tokyo Tech and cannot be taken by the recipient to outside Tokyo Tech. They will be maintained, managed, and utilized by Tokyo Tech in principle.

Can I freely use the Next Generation Plus for any purpose?

The Next Generation Plus should be used in accordance with the plan stated in the application.

How can I use the Next Generation Plus? Am I eligible to purchase all items for which I have applied?

Please make purchases in accordance with the plan stated in the application for the Next Generation Plus. If there are any changes in the plan, it is not necessary to purchase all items even if they are listed in the application form. Please note that there are some items that cannot be included in this project expense even if you have applied for them.

I have decided to cancel the conference participation that I have indicated on my application for the Next Generation Plus. Can I change it to another conference participation fee?

In principle, we would like you to spend as you apply, but if you are presenting your research results at other conferences, you can spend it as well.

I received a budget of 700,000 yen this fiscal year for the Next Generation Plus. If my application is approved next year, can I receive up to 700,000 yen for the Next Generation Plus?

You can apply every year, regardless of whether you have been selected or not in the past, but the total maximum amount for three years will be 2,100,000 yen.

What can I spend as travel expenses?

Travel expenses basically consist of transportation, daily allowance, and lodging. For more information, please contact our travel expenses staff.

If I leave Japan temporarily for off-campus study, how will the research incentives (equivalent to living expenses) be paid?

Since off-campus study is an obligation of the recipient, the research incentives will continue. Please note that a leave of absence from Tokyo Tech will be subject to the requirements for the revocation of funding.

I will be staying abroad for a long period of time for an off-campus study. If I return to Japan in February next year, can I pay for my travel expenses upon my return (even if I purchased my ticket before the end of January) since the payment must be completed by the end of January?

In the case of a long-term off-campus study whose return to Japan is after the end of January, expenses can be paid from the current year’s budget by the estimated payment (概算払) as long as the travel expenses are within the support period and its amount is fixed. The same applies to business trips that expand from one fiscal year to another. However, please consult us in advance.

Can the research funds partially cover overseas travel expenses?

This is possible if it is necessary for the purpose of off-campus study or for the execution of research. If you also receive overseas travel expenses from other budgets, please make an appropriate distinction of budgets between this project and other projects.

I have decided to conduct joint research at another university as an off-campus study. If I commute by train, how should I charge for the train fare, etc.?

You can receive the fare in the form of an advance payment. If you commute to an off-campus institution, you will be reimbursed for actual expenses. For more details, please refer to the Replacement Fare Entry Manual.

Can I bring computers, tablets, and other information equipment purchased with my research funds for off-campus research abroad?

The ownership belongs solely to Tokyo Tech. You are allowed to use the goods for off campus as long as they are necessary for your research and are taken out of Tokyo Tech temporarily. However, please be sure to return it to the laboratory after the period of support.

I will be going abroad for an off-campus study and my host institution will pay up to $1000 for airfare. Since the actual airfare is $1,300, can I use the remaining $300 from my research budget?

If you are making one trip combining this project with other projects, and it is possible that you can properly distinguish expenses between this project expense and other projects. Please check with the person in charge of travel expenses regarding the application procedure.

Can I receive support for study abroad in duplicate with support from Tokyo Tech Academies (TAC-MI, SSS, ISE and ToTAL)?

You can receive supports from this project and those academies. In addition, you must clearly distinguish between two expenditures, so please be sure to consult the office of the Tokyo Tech Academy you are registered.

Can I receive support for overseas study from both Overseas Challenge Program For Young Researchers by JSPS and this project?

Yes, you can. Please make an appropriate separation of expenses between this project and another when you make one trip for those projects.


3. Responsibility

Is participation in an international conference considered off-campus study?
If it is an international conference held abroad and you are presenting your work (poster presentation is OK), it is acceptable.
Do credits for designated courses need to be earned separately from the completion requirements?
In addition to the doctoral completion requirements established by each course, students must take at least two courses during their enrollment from the courses specified in the career development content list. If the completion requirement is 24 credits, you will need to take 24 credits plus 2 courses. If you have already taken courses on the list in your doctoral program, you can count them as fulfilling your obligations for this project. However, the number of credits for the completion requirement must be fulfilled excepting those courses. This does not apply to students registered for Tokyo Tech Academies. please see the guideline for more information.
I need a certificate to disqualify myself from health insurance coverage. Will the research incentives be listed as income on the income statement?
Since the research incentives are not a salary, we are unable to issue withholding tax slips or other forms of tax withholding. A certificate of receipt stating the amount of the research incentives can be issued. You can request the issuance of such a certificate through our website.
I plan to do a technical training (internship) at an academic institution next fiscal year. How do I apply and report in advance?

Please consult with your academic supervisor before proceeding with off-campus study. There is no need to contact the office in advance unless you apply for the Off-Campus Study Plus. If you receive travel expense support through the Off-Campus Study Plus, you are required to submit a report within two weeks after the completion of the study. In addition, whether you receive the Off-Campus Study Plus or not, please report in the Activity Report to be submitted once a fiscal year.

Is an internship at a Japanese company recognized as off-campus study?

It is recognized as off-campus study.

If it is difficult to go abroad for off campus study, can I fulfill my extramural study obligation by doing an internship at a company related to my research theme in Japan or working as a research assistant at a national research institute?

Internships are recognized as off-campus studies. It is desirable that the activity of the research assistantship is related to your own research.

I am currently a part-time science teacher at a junior high school. Is this considered off-campus study?

It is not recognized as off-campus study because it is not research.

Are there any referral or mediation services for off-campus study?

Please make your own arrangements in consultation with your academic supervisor. This project will not introduce or mediate any off-campus study.

Where can I find a list of courses in the recipient’s obligation?

The career development content list is available on the ACTIVITY page of this website.

I have taken a course on the career development content list for my master’s degree in a designated course of study. Can I include those credits in the two courses that are obligatory for selected applicants?

Courses must be taken during doctoral degree program. However, this does not apply to students registered for the Tokyo Tech Academies.

Can I include academic writing courses, career courses, etc. in the Doctoral Program 600 series that I took as an obligation for this project as part of the number of credits for completion requirements?

If you count it as an obligation for this project, it cannot be included in the number of credits for completion requirements. If you take more than two courses from the career development content list, you may include the courses that exceed two in your completion requirements.

Is there a list of events for recipient obligations?

The career development content list is available on the ACTIVITY page of this website. Choose by your interests.

How do I sign up for an event?

Please identify the organizer from the career development content list and apply in person. Prior notification to us is not required unless this project office is the organizer.

If I participate in the designated event, is proof of participation required?

There is no need to get any certification from the organizer, but please fill out the activity report and submit it. However, please note that if a false statement is found, your support may be revoked.

Obligations include “Participating in research meetings, workshops, seminars, etc. designated by this project.” What are the details?

We held a workshop with the attendance of all the members of this project in March FY 2022, where D3 students presented how the results of their doctoral research can benefit society to non-specialized faculties and students. In addition, a meetup was held in the metaverse space. You can see other events by checking the career development content list on the ACTIVITY page of this website.

I am unable to attend a workshop that all recipients are required to attend. What should I do?

Please let us know why you are unable to attend in detail. We will get back to you.

When should I apply for research fellowship (DC2) recruited by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science for which I am obligated to apply?

Apply at the earliest possible time after you are selected. In addition, you must apply as long as you have the opportunity to apply. For details, please read the guideline carefully.

Selected applicants are required to apply for research fellowship (DC2) recruited by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), but if I apply and am not selected, will my support by this project be terminated?

If you are not selected as DC2, your support by this project will continue. On the other hand, if you are selected as you will have to withdraw from this project because you will not be able to receive duplicate government funds.

If I am selected for a research fellow (DC2) recruited by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science and then withdraw from the project, how will the obligations of the selected applicants, such as classes, off-campus studies, and participation in events, be handled?

All events and other activities that have fixed conditions on an annual basis must be fulfilled. We would also like you to fulfill off-campus studies and classes as much as possible, but please consult us if you have any questions, as it depends on your individual situation.

What research number should I put in my dissertation/paper acknowledgements?

Include “JST SPRING, Grant Number JPMJSP2106” in the acknowledgements. Please refer to the guideline for an example of acknowledgement.

A new paper will be published based on the presentation at an international conference after I was selected for this project but the content of the presentation was based on the previous paper before this project. In this case, do I need to add JST SPRING to the paper acknowledgments?

If the paper contains any results obtained after you were selected for this project, please include JST SPRING in the acknowledgements.

Since I have been selected, I will no longer be a dependent of the National Health Insurance Association. Is there any insurance available in Tokyo Tech? Will I get the National Health Insurance?

Since there is no employment relationship between Tokyo Tech and the selected applicants, they will be required to join their own insurance. You will probably get the National Health Insurance system, but please check with your local government office.

How do I file my tax return?

Please check with your local tax office. For your reference, we have posted a guide to filing tax returns on this project website.

Can I include tuition expenses as a necessary expense for Miscellaneous Income on my tax return?

Please check with your local tax office. As far as we have confirmed, the enrollment fee, tuition, and commuter pass are not considered necessary expenses.

What should I do if I am abroad for off-campus study during a final tax return period?

e-TAX may be one choice, but please contact the tax office with jurisdiction for details.