We have established seven competencies for the development of cross-border doctoral students with transferable skills who can collaborate with intelligence in different fields based on a highly specialized skill.

Development Competency

In order to develop these competencies, the adopted students will be asked to do the followings.

  • Striving to acquire both highly specialized skills and transferable skills to intelligently collaborate in different fields.
  • Continuing to contribute to the creation of science, technology, and innovation in Japan after completing the doctoral program.
  • Focusing on research activities based on the research plan.
  • Conducting off-campus study for at least three months (either a single period or a combination of periods).
  • Taking at least two of the designated courses in three years in addition to the credits required for completion of a doctoral degree.
  • Participating in at least two designated events from those on the career development and training content list every year.
  • Participating in research meetings, workshops, seminars, etc. designated by this project.
  • Applying for a JSPS Research Fellowship (DC2).
  • Attending research ethics education and compliance education classes as designated by the University.
  • Indicating in acknowledgments that you have received a grant from this project.
  • Submitting a summary of the above performance and research achievements by the designated date.
  • Submitting an expenditure record that contains details of the use of research funds, etc.
  • Filing a tax return every year.
  • Cooperating in career-related follow-up surveys for up to 10 years after completing the doctoral program.

Career development content list

We have carefully selected courses and events (including lectures) from across our university that are essential for developing the seven competencies. You are free to choose from our abundant educational assets according to the weaknesses you wish to overcome, the strengths you wish to further develop, or the career characteristics you wish to pursue.


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