CAREER SUPPORT SEMINAR for International Ph.D Students (The Seminar of Job Interview in Japan)

Innovator and Inventor Development Platform (IIDP) organizes a ZOOM seminar for international doctoral students to learn about job-hunting in Japan.

This seminar is counted as event participation for this project.
(Contents List No. ED004)

Day1 in English covers comprehensive information on job-hunting in Japan and career path trends at Tokyo Tech. In addition, Tokyo Tech alumni, who have been working in Japan, will share their job-hunting and working experiences in Japan. All international doctoral students are welcome to participate in these sessions.
We also hold Japanese-language interview trainings on the Day2. International students who can speak Japanese and would like to experience Japanese-language job interviews training are encouraged to participate.

We strongly encourage international doctoral students who wish to get a job in Japan to participate in this seminar.

Day2 is for the first 20 students will be accepted.

Only those who can participate with certainty and promise not to cancel without permission can participate.


【Day 1】
February 6th, Tuesday, 2024, 14:00-15:50 (online by Zoom, in English)
※Open to all international doctoral students.
■Career Path Trends of International Doctoral Students at Tokyo Tech
■Career Support Services at Tokyo Tech
■Unique Hiring System in Japan
■Job-hunting Method for International Doctoral Students
■The Requirement for Japanese Language Ability
■Job-hunting and Working Experiences by Tokyo Tech Alumni

February 15th, Thursday, 2024, or February 16th, Friday, 2024 (14:00-16:15 (online by Zoom)
※either one day you wish
“Japanese-language job-interview training for individual students”
※Requirements for participation (maximum number of people:20
・Participation in Day 1 on Feb. 6th
・JLPT N1/N2 holder
・To be able to surely participate and promise not to cancel without notice

For those who would like to participate(Day1/Day2), please apply using the form below by February 2nd .